(NOTE: Sadly, these audio files are not compatible with some smartphones and similar mobile devices.)
Since I'm continually adding to my arsenal of characters and performances, it's difficult to accurately represent the full scope of my capabilities on a website.  Not to mention the fact that I'm just too darned awesome for a single website.  I would need at least ten websites to fully contain my awesomeness.  Aw, who am I kidding?  NO amount of websites could contain my awesomeness!
Okay, so meanwhile, back in reality, I just don't have the time (or server space) to post everything I've done, and I doubt that you'd have the time or inclination to listen to it all, anyway.  However, the excerpts below should provide you with a fairly decent idea of what I can do.  I'll be adding new material as often as I can, so check back frequently if you like.  Thanks so much for listening!
P.S.  There are several celebrity impersonations mixed in among these excerpts.  Can you pick them out?  No, you don't HAVE to.  I'm just sayin'...
Pirates, drill sergeants, mad scientists, and other everyday-type folks.  The usual suspects.


A variety of voices from across the pond...


Some portrayals of various historical figures; some are fairly well-known, others are what you might call everyday heroes.  Most of these were done for interactive museum exhibits.


Deadly serious acting-type stuff.  You know, thespianism.  But don't tell anyone.


A few more voices from around the world...


More coming soon!

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