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(NOTE: This website is currently focused on my voice work, but I plan to implement all the other elements of my skill set ASAP.  These include digital still art and illustration of all kinds, CG art and animation, various videography and film projects, interactive learning games, and a lot of other random stuff.  Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled program...)

As a kid, I discovered I had a knack for mimicking celebrities and cartoon characters (wait, is that redundant?), a talent I often used to entertain myself, my family, and my friends.  Later, as a mischievous-yet-conscientious teenage stockboy at a well-known department store -- we'll call it "Walmart" -- I used my abilities to trick my slacker co-workers into doing their share of the work by mimicking our manager's voice on the intercom (only on days when the REAL manager wasn't there, of course).  It worked like a charm!  Until the manager happened to stop by on his day off and heard himself giving orders over the intercom.  Things got really weird after that.

Over the years, I found that I could imitate practically any celebrity, actor, or public figure, along with making up my own unique character voices, just for laughs.  I never thought of my ability in terms of a possible career until much later in life, after the idea had been suggested to me over and over again by many different people.  So, a few short years ago, I finally decided to "go pro."  The rest, as they say, is history.

"Incredible!  Man, you're good!"

- Tom LaBaff, Artist/Animator (The Lion King, Ice Age, Epic, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas)

"Top quality...can become the character you want, regardless of the challenge."

- Brad Bower, Director of Operations, S2 Games

"Perfect recording first time around, no direction required."

- Adam Woods, Creative Director, Moose Toys

"One of the best...Mark has an incredible range and can deliver just the right tone, cadence, and inflection. He just gets it."

- Chandler Barber, Senior Copywriter, CROSSMARK

A Global Clientele:

Right After This - Hollywood, California

London Bridge Tours - London, England

Moose Enterprises - Melbourne, Australia

Cloud Castle Group - Samara, Russia

Park Resorts of the UK - Devon, Essex, Wales, Scotland, Sussex, Yorkshire

Pixelsky Games - Budapest, Hungary

Ramada Inn - St. John's, Canada

Gambitious - The Netherlands

Eipix Games - Novi Sad, Serbia

Now, I can certainly do voice-overs -- radio, TV or Internet spots, selling everything from toys to toothpaste, and I do enjoy it -- but where I really shine is voice acting. Give me any role you can imagine, and I will disappear into it completely. I will become that character.

I've honed my talent to the point where I can convincingly portray ages from adolescent to octogenarian, do accents from regional American to international, and convey emotions from despair to elation, from timidity to rage, and everything in-between.  It's quite frightening, actually.  Sometimes I scare myself.  I frequently scare others, too.  But I'm getting help for that.

My focus lately has been on video game characters, but I'll take on any medium with equal enthusiasm.  The more challenging, the better!  And, when given room to improvise, I've been known to crank out some pretty darned impressive stuff.  You want comedy?  I can ad-lib hilarious material all day long.  I'm also a writer, so I can help you polish up your script, usually free of charge.  Unless you happen to be writing a novel.

You can take a shortcut to my demo page by clicking here.

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P.S.  If you happen to have a ridiculous amount of time on your hands, you can also venture over to my blog page.  It's a little strange over there, though.  You have been warned...

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